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Patrick L Puckett



is an American standup comic, writer, radio personality and actor. Patrick began his career in Los Angeles in 2008 cutting his teeth on some of LA's hottest clubs such as Garret Morris's Downtown Comedy Club, The Comedy Union, HaHa Cafe, and the Belly Room of The Comedy Store. Patrick has performed in a variety of venues from small bar gigs to large venues such as the Tulsa Convention Center as well as comedy clubs, colleges and prisons around the Southwest. 

Using his skill for quick wit, biting sarcasm and clever turn of phrase, Patrick has an uncanny ability to dive into the dark corners of his personal life in a way that's easily relatable. He talks candidly about his upbringing being raised by his deeply religious grandparents in New Mexico and Texas, his 2 marriages to his colorful ex-wives, and a life full of lessons learned the hard way.

Although there are some light-hearted moments for the audience to enjoy; Patrick's comedy is irreverent, bombastic, ostentatious and defiant of social norms; the status quo and sacred cows of society at large.

You can see some of Patrick's comedy works on LMAO TV (local Xfinity 239), Spotify and Amazon. 

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